Pleasures All Mine.

Hey Babes,

I am THC and Glitter and this is where I will share with you my favorite things all about Sex, Cannabis, and Fashion.

I wanted a place to share my thoughts, ideas, passions, and my love and involvement for all three.

What you should know about me and this blog is that all I will really mostly talk about is Sex, Cannabis, and Fashion.

Honestly though, if you have no interest in any of this then you will soon find yourself addicted, offended, discussed, aroused and maybe a small dirty dose of guilt as if you’ve cheated on your significant other for rubbing one or two out. (Its ok your HUMAN.) I mean everyone one loves a quick return to another round of “Yes DADDY!” Either way lets just say our good byes now and part ways.

Because what I want you to feel is enlightened, awareness, open mindedness, creativity, joy, love, passion, motivation, and self respect. Just stick with me, its gonna be a fun ride. So you on TOP or BOTTOM..? xx

I mean its all fun and games until your the one sleeping in the wet spot right?


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