Sleep Naked.

Don’t get weird yet freaks and prudes!

There are serious health benefits to this come to find out and only 17% of Americans are even doing it! Like what? How and why are we not being widely informed on this simple life improving benefit? So I decided to line up some benefits to this easy life changing nightly habit. Let’s start with the most important thing for both sexes, “Pussy.”

  • Vaginal Health – Air that kitty out girl! This helps reduce I need to say more. Vaginal health should be priority one. So be nice to your kitten and release her from panty prison!
  • Better Circulation – This is the start to whats going to get you sleeping better. Your body can stay cooler easier now without the extra sheet you call a night gown that begins to strangle you by 3 a.m. Constricting clothes is whats getting you hot and bothered. Bonus: No longer make your partner suffer with the touch of your cold ass dead feet! Win for everyone really.
  • Anti-Aging – No shit! This alone would be a money making ruiner for all those products out there infused with shit chemicals. You release melatonin and growth hormones once the body cools down, which is done without them clothes!
  • Cortisol Decreases – This is your stress hormone. So now that your naked and temperature is steadier, your body is getting what it needs and this is huge for those looking for weight control! This hormone in high levels is what causes those annoying cravings for sweets and greasier foods.
  • Skin and Hair Glow – This is now in play for you now that i’ve got you stripped down and sleeping better. I know how to tuck you in right.
  •  Weight Loss – Now that were naked in the sheets, your going to see that HGH we talked about earlier kick in! The Human Growth Hormone is essential in weight loss and muscle growth. Sleep is necessary but good sleep is the key to life! And it’s FREE!
  • Releases Oxytocin – Sleeping naked makes you the ultimate cuddle buddy. All that skin to skin contact is releasing all those feel good fuck me chemicals.
  • Let’s Fuck – Your going to be in a better mood and maybe even in the mood! Since your feeling all these benefits of being in the buff, your body is more sensitive, which leads to more satisfying sex. Which all you need to hear is more heard me right!

So the only negative I can really see being a situation or even a problem is having to evacuate a house fire, could get more distracting when naked.

So get that birthday suit on for me and for yourself! Life’s too short for bad sleep and mediocre sex!

Yours always,

THC & Glitter xo


One thought on “Sleep Naked.

  1. Gaurav says:

    Yes that true and so relexbity feeling good and awesome feeling but alone sleep not like just like a partner so gud and smoke weed naked always good..!


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