The “Q Ball” by Jerome Baker Designs


So much to say about this gorgeously fumed glass stud! It’s so pretty and display worthy, I would easily condisder it stoner chic..  no shit, mines on the mantel.  Lets get right into it and start with size, we all know it matters..  stop pretending it doesn’t.

This thick wit it, yet fits perfectly and confidently in your hands is so smooth!  Watching the spectrum of colors change with each rip is complete STONER UTOPIA!!  Oh and ladies, it’s precisely ten inches tall and five thick!  You’ll understand and appreciate why I mention the thickness later, as you get one of these pressed to your mouth.

The “Q Ball” feels easy to seal and smooth on the pull, which I would say is accredited to great design and to the O ring on the bowl stem, like a cushion for the pushin!  Making it easier to manipulate a tighter suction, especially when going in for a harder hit.  Let’s be real here, we’re all trying to get a HIGH accomplished, and sometimes it needs to happen in under a minute.  This tall glass of bong water gives you what you need in the first cloud!

In reference to size matters, I have found in my stoner experience and from a poor choice in a one night bong purchase, which would quickly become a hit it and quit it.  I recognize how some glass art can be more of a shower and less of a blower!  So you can see why I favor the “Q Ball,” not just for how eye-catching it can be, but for how it is, as a functional and practical everyday piece.  Trust me when I say,  this is the go to “Cinderella Bong” of glass slippers!  It just smokes right!

So now that I have you.. at attention.. Go and grab yourself and a JBD “Q Ball” bong and don’t forget to use me!! With CODE: THCANDGLITTER and get your stoner ass 10% OFF on a beautiful piece of functional art and more, only by Jerome Baker Designs.

Shop Now at Jerome Baker 

Also be sure to follow on Instagram @jerome_baker for a dope ass feed and look into the glass world and brand of Jerome Baker Designs.

Thanks for reading! xoxo


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