“A portable dry herb vaporizer engineered for a smooth, tasty and efficient vaping experience.”

Health & Wellness Website

This little pocket rocket came in handy a number of times this year! With smoking not fully legalized in all 50 states and with the always uncertainty if its ok to smoke here or there. I took the V4/Twenty everywhere I went for travel so far this year and anywhere I knew I could smoke or vape indoors/outdoors publicly!

It worked and nobody knew I was keeping my HIGH Up while on the Go!

I also enjoy the shape, color, length and curves of the V4. It fits comfortably in my pocket, feels smooth in my hand and when needed conveniently (to find) in my purse. The Charge held all day and with only five pushes on her button to turn her on, she was just as fast to pull on!! ..and all with a reliable and consistent burn each and every time. Now see why she’s my new favorite pocket rocket..

To Order your V4/Twenty go to http://www.v4-twenty.com

In your Kit: v4/plush Vaporizer, Glass Mouthpiece x2, Packing Tool (carry mine everywhere, so handy), Cleaning Brush, Tweezers, USB Charger, A/C Adapter. Already Used and Needed both for that stoner emergency while traveling!

The V4 Plush feels like a medical tool. So for those who prefer a more modern sophisticated way to medicate this is it!


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