Beautiful Burns & Elephant Rolling Papers

First off, these cones instantly make any outfit or stoner selfie cute as fuck.
I’ve used them often in my shots..xxoo
Instagram @thcandglitter

These papers are so fun!
I can see them being used for all kinds of events and occasions.
From a sweet bridal shower, to a sexy divorce party.
Beautiful Burns and Elephant Rolling Papers has a pattern for it.
Not to mention how fucking cute handing someone a joint just got!
Think about it.. birthdays, thank you’s, get wells, graduations, baptisms, you got your period.. yay!
So lets celebrate and light up in style for every damn life event.

Stoner info:

Papers are ultra thin and slow burning.
Natural coloring made from edible, tasteless hemp seed and soy oils.
All natural pigments.
Natural palm pulp rolling paper.
Beautiful and unique styles.
Papers are pre rolled with filter.
Cones are 98mm long, 6-8 in a box.

Shop Beautiful Burns & Elephant Rolling Papers

Instagram @beautifulburnsrollingpapers

Instagram @elephantrollingpapers

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