Sticky Brick Junior

This little guy slides right in, snug and fit in that back pocket..or clutch and even any inside pocket space in your bag. Honestly perfect for sneaking into about anywhere! Concerts, Events, Campus, Airports, Church..options are endless really.

But even then, no one fucking knows what it is when they even see or find it! Like some kind of unidentified fancy fucking box that no one (cops, co-workers, (Uncool) Moms, judgemental (not) friends ..etc) understands, so they don’t fuck with it. Even then, they probably wont even understand it or how to open it in the first place.

The design of the Sticky Brick Jr and the quality into the craftsmanship of this is so unique it catches a lot of attention alone.

Another thing I really like is how easily portable and well kept it is when in use and especially when put away. The magnetic closure and ability to close it up, keeping not only the glass components safe from breaking, but in how clean it can be and maintain. With keeping its contents in and everything else out.

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